ESP8266 frequent disconnects after 1 years operating flawlessly

I’ve got a simple ESP8266 app that’s been running for a year and a half without any problems. Starting sometime in the last couple of weeks I’m getting frequent disconnects. Blynk seems to reconnect with no problems. Nothing in my network, WIFI, or Code has changed. In fact, my Internet isn’t disconnecting just Blynk.

I’ve updated Blynk to the latest version and updated any library that might be even remotely associated. Afterward, the disconnects have become less frequent but are still occurring several times a day. I turned on Blynk debug and get this during the disconnect and have no idea if it means something or not…

[23038140] <[06|09|01|00|00]
[23038350] >[00|09|01|00|C8]
[23050623] Connecting to
[23055624] Connecting to
[23060625] Connecting to
[23065626] Connecting to
[23070627] Connecting to
[23075628] Connecting to
[23080629] Connecting to
[23085630] Connecting to
[23090631] Connecting to
[23090882] <[02|00|01|00] 79b122f93b244987b60d8c1e0942ed05
[23092883] Login timeout
[23095883] Connecting to
[23096002] <[02|00|01|00] 79b122f93b244987b60d8c1e0942ed05
[23096104] >[00|00|01|00|C8]
[23096104] Ready (ping: 102ms).
[23096104] Free RAM: 41040
[23096171] <[11|00|02|00]Gver[00]0.5.2[00]h-beat[00]10[00]buff-in[00]1024[00]dev[00]ESP-12[00]build[00]Apr 27 2018 07:32:16[00]

Any ideas?

What is the radio signal strength? (Read either RSSI in device or in WIFI router - those MIGHT be different hovewer)

It’s excellent since it’s very close to the router

OK, if if you said so…
Still the >100ms ping is quite high (A bit like cellular network). And the log output points right to some network issues…

Change the power source as it may be going bad. I once added another gas sensor, for a total of two, to my Particle Photon and it started acting up connection wise. I removed it and the problem disappeared.