Esp8266 doesn’t respond after batteries die, and then recharge them. I have to upload the code again to get it to work. What should I do?

When my Esp8266 looses power from the batteries it becomes non responsive, after being powered again of course. This is a problem because I can never have the batteries die which is impractical. I have to re upload the code to get it to work again once the batteries die. What should I do?

Must be faulty ESP8266 then becuase that’s not how they work.

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I guess a reset does not change anything?

No. It doesn’t do anything until I reload the code.

What, if anything, shows on the Serial Monitor… it may be in a looping reboot.

if I were you, I’ll try to load a basic example to see what happens.

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@danielkitchen what @Blynk_Coeur is trying to say is without your coding bugs :slight_smile:

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