ESP8266 - Blynk project works great - added the Blynk.Inject functionality with provisioning and having some issues with virtual pins

I have a project on a Wemos D1 Mini using Blynk for some IO - works great. Wanted to make it an app and utilize the new Blynk.Injector and provisioning so I can log onto other networks with out recodeing. I took a working template and added my code but I am seeing the virtual pins toggle now on the app. Is there any gotchas to watch out for when you add the inject to your code?

Yes… first and foremost you need to have a basic understanding of how most of Blynk works in the first place, not just toggling digital pins from widgets… and a bit of coding knowledge will be required… it is almost never a simple copy paste solution.

Start by working though the Docs, Help Center and Examples until you understand what a Blynk Function is and how to use it to make a Button control a virtual pin to toggle a digital pin etc… Then work on merging in the provisioning.

@Schmez Android or iOS? Local or cloud server?