ESP8266 - Blynk HTTP communication

Hey Everyone,
I have seen that there is an ability to control the MCU with a use of HTTP with the blynk app. Does it based on real time and how to use this? Where can I get an example of code for the Arduino and understand how it works? Does it based on Ajax and JSON or how it works at all?



As usual in examples section :

Correct. Api description is here

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There is no place where is written that it is based on AJAX and JSON. How does it based on real time? The AJAX does it?

Do you know what AJAX is? Because your question doesn’t make any sense. API is real time.

Sure, AJAX gives you the ability to refresh only specific part in the page and not all the page. The function that gives you to refresh only a specific part of the page is the function that does the communction a real time communication yes? I didn’t find the library that does all the Get, Write and Send, Can you link me it please? (The .h file of course.)

I gave you example above. This is demonstration of HTTP request that is made from hardware and link to API description. You can also use this API in your AJAX requests if necessary. There is no library as API is very simple and straightforward. There is nothing that could be placed into library.

What about the code that runs on the website? Is there any ability to look at the code that runs on the webste itselft which communicates with the MCU through HTTP?

What website do you mean?

The cloud, I mean if there is an opportunity to check the cloud code which communicates with the MCU trought the HTTP protocol.

Yeap. Blynk server is open-sourced -