ESP8266 + Blynk: control up to 10 GPIOs (video inside)

ESP8266 in standalone mode. (Russian language, please use Google Translate)


Hello great project, I am interested, will it work online everywhere to control GPIOs? or only if you are connected to your WiFi, I would like to build the same but I interested can it on example turn light from caffe bar(connected to caffe WiFi) and logged into your account?

Thanks :smile:


Yes, it will work from everywhere.

It is great, I have some DL380 Proliant G4 server with 40gb HDD and 4gb ram and have 7mbps network speed, and I want to install Blynk server, I will install it(I saw on Git), but here:

will not be local IP, I would like to use public, because I will try to install ESP8266 with relays to several houses and to connect to mine DL380 server.How to do this?


Your ESPs connect to your server by local IP. App connects to your router from somewhere else via external public IP. And it will work. You just need to do port forwarding on your router. If you’ll connect via app to your local network you should specify local IP.