ESP8266 as Shiled, is possible to set SSID and PASS by COM?

Dear !

Please help me about this question.

I tried to set the SSID and PASS using the COM to set their manually, and save the values into the eeprom.

I’m using a ARDUINO MEGA2560 and ESP8266 ESP12.

For ESP as shield is possible to configure this?


@stanlaybin when you say set via COM do you mean via Serial Monitor, via the Arduino’s Com port or some other way?

Would you also be wanting to set the Blynk token via “COM” or would that remain fixed wherever you are i.e. is your project just for your use or would others have a Blynk token for their use?

I knocked up a very crude system that might do what you want. With Droid Term app on a Smartphone you can pass WiFi and Blynk credentials to an Arduino on the fly via a USB cable. Search the forum for “Droid Term” and it should come up but the code needs a lot of work as it was just a quick hack done as a proof of concept.

Thanks by feedback!

Yah set the ssid, pass and token by Serial Monitor, using the COM port!

This project is for use of others Blynk users. ( this user can set all information as he needs)

I’ll try use the DroidTerm and let a reply here about.


@stanlaybin if your users have access to Serial Monitor you wouldn’t need the complexity of Droid Term.

Simply request user input from Serial Monitor for SSID, PWD and TOKEN then the device can then connect to the router and the Blynk server.

Testing the code, work normally, however if I need to change the SSID and PWD by other, I can’t because the last configuration remained and I don’t know why.

Tried to clear eeprom to see if this erase the las SSID and PWD, but not worked.

Only if I use other sketch setting up manually I can erase the SSID and PWD.

Was used the SERIAL PORT to set SSID, PWD and TOKEN.

The code used was of the following link

SSID and PWD for ESP is not stored in EEPROM and there is a way to clear the stored WiFi details.

I’m not entirely sure what you are looking to do.

I tried to do a code that is possible to set SSID and PWD by Serial, in my code I can set SSID and PWD, but if I need to change the WiFi credentials, is necessary to change the SSID and PWD too, and would like to do this using the Serial Port.

In my code I have the same issue with the code posted in Topic DroidTerm.

After set the SSID and PWD, if you need you can’t delete the last SSID and PWD, for some reason the last configuration was salved or in the ESP or the ARDUINO.

Why do you want to delete the SSID and PWD?

If the SSID is not present then the ESP looks for another SSID.

Not delete de SSID and PWD,

If I change the wifi credential in my router, I need to set this again in my arduino Ok?

And if you try to set again not work, because the last configuration is salved.

So you use Serial Monitor or Droid Term to change the WiFi details of your sketch, obviously taking the user input before WiFi is enabled. Probably with a timeout so that if no new details are entered via Serial Monitor the sketch proceeds and uses the stored WiFi credentials.

Was used serial monitor to set the credentials.