esp8266 12e

I have bought a ESP8266 12E module, to use with Blynk which firmware I have to flash?

When using the Arduino IDE it replaces the complete firmware anyway so once you flash code for blynk using the IDE your old firmware (if present) is gone anyway…

You mean that nodemcu firmware is not required to use with blynk ?

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nodemcu firmware[/quote]

Nope, not required. 20chars

Thank you for your valuable information…

That brings up a related question, is there a non-Arduino version of Blynk libs for the esp8266?

This is all we have :smile:

I have one more doubt , to program ESP8266 12E module using Arduino IDE, which board I have to select ESP8266 generic or ESP8266 12E ?

Make it work without Blynk, then add Blynk - it’s a good practice :wink: