ESP8266-01 with Arduino Pro Mini (atmega328p) not working

hey guys.
i want to use a esp8266-01 with my arduino pro mini(atmega328p) using the esp82666_shield example. but the problem i face is that is does not work at all. the same code with the same esp8266 works with my uno, nano and mega. the serial monitor spits out garbage and not even the blynk logo. i am not able to upload the code with my arduino uno without the atmega chip. i am guessing a problem with the tx and rx lines. help would be much appreciated

i’m not sure what do you mean by this?
can you post a schematic or photos with your wireing?
did you checked all the wires for continuity?

yep i did check the wires for continuity.
i use my arduino uno and i remove the chip so i can use it as a UART chip.
its simple wiring
Arduino mini esp8266 arduino uno(with removed atmega chip)
since i am not able to upload the code with serial communication. i used a usbasp to upload the code with the programmer (ctrl+shit+u)with diffrent sybols
but the serial monitor is full of garbage

i have checked the baud rate.

wow, but why are you using such a complicated setup?

what’s the point of this? maybe you should re-think your project and use a more adequate hardware. the arduino pro mini is designed for semi-permanent installations, ideally after you have a final working code version, because of the somewhat complicated code uploading.

  • the esp uses 3.3v but the arduinos are on 5v. the esp expects 3.3v rx on pin and receives 5.0v (you are risking to damage it).

  • i think the problem is, that you hooked up 2 tx pins together, this is why you have garbage on serial monitor? (the serial monitor receives signal from both tx)

The same setup works with my arduino nano(with desoldered ch340 chip. So its the same setup. And you are mistaken about my setup. The pro-mini and the esp8266 recieves 3.3v while the arduino uno(with removed atmega / working as a ftdi chip) works on 5v via usb.

i see. than i do not have any other clues…

did you try different baud rates on serial monitor, despite you know the theoretical baud rate, maybe somehow it still uses a different one? usually a garbage on the serial monitor means bad baud rate.

I am using 9600 baud rate. I tried 115200 but i haven’t used hit and trial method.