ESP8266-01 as Arduino Shield : Need Information on the Black Version (1MB)

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Blynk. I came to hear it a month ago. I know I was one of the late ones but I’m facing a lot of problems to make this work. I have a 1MB black version of the ESP(the blue ones are no more available). I followed the tutorial (the Mac version which is very popular and descriptive). I used the arduino uno to flash my esp8266 also. Flashing went well. But when i opened up the serial monitor after uploading the sketch to arduino, it receieved the “failed to disable Echo” error.

To make sure my esp was not faulty i replaced modules and also flashed with a bin file that came with the tool. The AT commands were working then and i understood it was not the problem with my module. I strongly suspect the problem is because of the 1MB module.

So next, i tried the long tutorial of flashing from allaboutcircuits website. I had some weird observations listed below but the flashing result showed success.

The serial monitor responded only when i connected my Tx pin of esp to Tx pin of arduino which is in contradiction to that mentioned in tutorial.

the long tutorial doesnt require us to connect the GPIO to ground throughout the flash. Why is it so ?

Furthermore after flashing the firmware there was no more serial monitor response. Everything seemed dead. Then I once more flashed the default firmware with the esptool and everything was like before(AT commands worked). Still I cant make blynk work.

I suspect the 1MB version doesnt support sdk v1.0 AT 22 which is required for blynk Or is there anyway to flash it properly onto this module ? I did not find any reference for this issue on the web. Can anybody please help me to blynk ? And also answers for those weird observations will also be of great help.

Thanks in Advance