ESP32 vs C.H.I.P. Microcontroller/processor

Well, you can’t buy it right now. Just preorder and you never know when they’ll come. So that’s mean they are not on market yet. While physically they exists :slight_smile: .

@Dmitriy your reference to “yet” is somewhat misplaced. They have already been on the “market”, sent out thousands and Pavel has them to prove it. Presumably Pavel bought 2 so they can be tested and added to your list of supported devices.

I want to buy 1 right now, but I can’t. So chip doesn’t exists for me until I’ll be able to buy it. Can’t buy = not on market.

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The WeMos didn’t “exist” last week then by your reckoning @Dmitriy.
My Samsung S3 doesn’t “exist” either or millions of other Android and iOS devices.

If you have big enough pockets you can have one of these none existent CHIP’s delivered to you in a few days.

Can’t buy/pre-order it either. But that’s because I don’t have a creditcard… Everything in the US needs to be paid with a creditcard. When you want a creditcard in most countries of the EU, you need to pay every month for the creditcard service without even using is.
In the EU we have a debitcard. In the Netherlands we use iDeal. Kind of PayPal but than it’s a realtime transfer between bank accounts.
So I tried to contact them to make an offer with PayPal, but they won’t.
So I need to wait until they want to work with PayPal…:unamused:


Yeah, was very surprised when I found this :slight_smile:.

Is this product really on ebay? Not a scam of some sort?

@hutje there are at least 3600 CHIPS owned by individuals so it is reasonable to find them for sale on Ebay.

The $5 Pi Zero’s were fetching a huge price on Ebay when they were first launched.

There are paid cards and free cards. I’m not paying anything for example. More than that, I’m getting 1% back for any transaction…

And you live in the EU? What card do you have? If you don’t have to pay anything extra for the creditcard, I would like to have one too.
Not that I have to use it very often, but than I have a creditcard when I need one.

if you are in US or you have someone there it’s even cheaper than ESP8266
i am Egyptian lives in Saudi arabia , and of course you will never find RPI zero in the marker here.
one of my friends was in short visit to US i asked him to visit [microcenter] ( and git me RPI 3 & Zero one each.
and the Good thing that he found a sale on it $ 0.99 for Zero and $29.99 for RPI 3.
but only one piece for every customer.

that’s good , here i have to pay (SAR 400) $110 annual Fee , with 1% money back but with minimum of (SAR 50,000) $ 13.333 after that you can get this 1% back. scam :smiling_imp:

@Pavel will be going to Microcenter everyday then until the sale ends. I’ll PM my address :slight_smile:

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mini compute with 1GHZ processor and 512 MB ram + HDMI output for less than a Dollar but the only issue is that you have to bring you own header pin for I/O :grin:

and on ebay you will get it for $20

Sounds great Pavel… does this mean you will be soon supporting the C.H.I.P. for both server and controller, as done with the RPi?? Having integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, etc. in a nice small package sounds just right some Blynk attention. I have three of them (one in the PocketC.H.I.P. shell) and would love to start integrating all three in an easier fashion.

If you can run Java on CHIP, you can try running Blynk server on it.

I guess I was hoping for a bit more of a tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:

However, after much Gargling (that’s the sound you start making after hours/days of searching/reading/testing/rejecting Google posts), I was able to install Java to C.H.I.P using this site’s directions:

Then install Blynk, after adding “–no-check-certificate”:

wget --no-check-certificate ""

And modding the directory to match C.H.I.P for the run command:

java -jar server-0.20.1.jar -dataFolder /home/chip/Blynk

THEN… manually!! typing in the auth code to my Arduino Ethernet test code - repeatedly - until I got it right :stuck_out_tongue: (I guess the email auth code function from Android does not work when using own server???).

And… it works!!.. sort of… my test servo control is still erratic and jumpy (I had thought it might have been the ping, which was one reason for the local server).

Also, I am unable to access the Administration Panel UI from my PC, just says no connection… (And yes, correct IP, and I am assuming, correct port for me - Any helpful ideas on this?

But at least I now have Blynk on my Android, controlling an Arduino (ethernet) via a local server, running wireless on a headless C.H.I.P. :smiley:

And I think I learned a thing or two… that I now have a love/hate relationship with all things Linux :heart_eyes: :rage:

Hope this helps the next crazy who wants to set up a server on it.


Congratulations! :wink:

@Gunner I’m hoping to receive a delivery of CHIP2 and CHIP2+'s shortly so I’m preparing to run Blynk on them.

Onion have a WiKi for installing the Blynk library at

[quote=“Gunner, post:28, topic:8504”]
I guess the email auth code function from Android does not work when using own server???
[/quote] Local server does email tokens.

Look through the general server installation notes again for Blynk at