ESP32 restarts after reconnect

I am working on a project and noticed that if I loose internet connection, upon reconnection my ESP32 has restarted. Ideally I would like my sketch to keep running and not restart upon reconnection to the server. I have experienced this both with the old Blynk, and now with the new Blynk. Currently with the new Blynk I am using BlynkEdgent to handle all connections. Thanks for any help.

Original Blynk “keeps running without connection” was resolved like this…

You are on your own (or whatever others can come up with, if not the same basic idea) for Blynk 2.0

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Yeah, reconnecting isn’t the issue. I have a timer running and when the MCU resets the timer starts over. This happens every time I lose connection. Blynk.edgent is great in the loop because you don’t have to add any reconnection routine.

I reworded my response, although the original post and the link was about your “keep running” question.

I don’t use Blynk2, so unsure if it has the same blocking Blynk.begin() or constant reconnection attempts leading to the rest of the sketch faltering. But perhaps some of the “old” solutions might be still helpful?

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