ESP32/ESP8266 and Blynk App - No Internet

Can I make an app for the esp32 or esp8266 and have it interact with the Blynk app on my iPhone or Android if there is no internet connection?

I can’t assume the phone or esp will have access to the internet but i need a phone to be able to control the esp to blink a led and I would like to use the Blynk app to do it.

Is this possible?

Possible within your own local network if you are using a local server on that local network.

If you do not run a local network blynk server then you will have to connect to the cloud service, hiwhc is impossible without the internet.

Wow… seems to be an influx of these similar requests today :wink:

Blynk is predominantly an IoT application… designed to work over the internet… or at very least a local network, incorporating a App, a Server, and a MCU.