ESP32 Dev board analog support

Hi guys, sorry if this question has been asked already but i don’t think it has.
So im trying to work with the ESP32 and i am having some trouble.
It seems i bought a dev board where the pin layout is different then all the others and i can’t find any pin layout for it :pensive:.
But thats not the problem, i found the A0 pin on the esp32 but on the blynk side of things i can only use digital and virtual pins but no analog pins ?
Is that not yet supported or am i missing something ?
Thanks in advance

Hi @Dema323,
At the moment you will have to redirect the analogRead to any Vpin like this example for reading the analog pin 4:
(These are only a few lines of code, not a complete code)

#define InPin4 32
int sensorADC4;

void setup()
timer.setInterval(500L, analog_INPUTS);  // checkanalog pin

void analog_INPUTS() {
  sensorADC4 = analogRead( InPin4 );


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Thanks this helps alot !

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