ESP32-CAM Video Stream on Blynk

I have static IP

At least @gydota is using static IP… :sweat_smile:


Hello good morning, I have two ESP32Cam modules configured with the Arduino web server example and with their individual IP addresses which by entering them in the browser I can view and configure.
The problem I have is that I have been trying to configure the video settings widget in the application on my iOS mobile device for a few days by entering the IP in the url address section
http :: //XX.XX.XX.XX: 80 / but I can’t see the image of the cameras.
Has anyone got it?

I assume that’s a typo?


If I’m sorry I wrote it wrong, I wanted to put http://

Hello pouvais vous donner les librairie pour esp32-cam car je n’es pas OV2640.h

Hello Sir, i’m having a project with esp32 cam. Can you show me how to stream video with two different wifi networks: one for esp32 cam and one for my android. It means outside the LAN.
Thanks for reading.

You need forwarding port 80 to make on your router.

can you talk more clearly, please.

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@gydota said, you need to open port 80 on your router / adsl modem

Good afternoon Gents. After getting very angry while trying to utilise the save and capture feature of esp32 cam and trigger it from blynk, i have decided to take a break on that project and attempt this one. i have just copy and pasted the coded in to a new IDE and added the relevant library’s but i am getting the following error when compiling ’

class CRtspSession’ has no member named ‘broadcastCurrentFrame’

i assume i have left out something ?

turns out it needs to be run in platrform io, heres a link to the same code that runs in arduino ide. that complies with no issue,im now gona upload this and see if it works ,

hey gents the code worked great no issues compiling, checked the address given and it worked great on my browser, however like the gentlman above i am having issues viewing the stream on blynk ‘’ no video stream available’’ i did use http://ip:80 … i also checked both codes and from what i gather they seem identical, have i missed something?

What exactly does this mean?

Did you enter the rtsp Stream Link URL from your serial monitor in your video streaming widget when your phone is connected to your local network?


yes sir, created a port forward on 80. uploaded code, tested url by coping from serial into browser, added the address to blynk widget,


I’m confused by what you’ve written.

Firstly, ort forwarding is not required if you are accessing the camera from within your own network - which should be your initial aim. Adding port forwarding to give access from outside your network shouldn’t be attempted until you have the video working via internal networking.

Secondly, your app screenshot shows a totally different URL to the one that is shown in your screenshot of your serial monitor.

Thirdly, I’m not sure what the logic is regarding forwarding outbound data packets on port 80?


i agree. on the serial we have :8554 from the serial and i read above i should be using port 80. im glad you took the time to inform me the port forward isnt necessary, so based on my serial, what adress do i put in blynk? because at this point i am really confused.

You’ve partly obliterated the URL, but piecing together what I can see from the other screenshot I assume that what you should put in the Blynk app is rtsp://

However, that will only work if the rtsp stream is a suitable format for the Blynk app.


i shall try this shortly. how did @gydota create a http stream from this base code?