ESP32 "BLE connect" in serial but Android app says "not connected yet"

I’m using a TTGO ESP32/LORA board. The ESP32_BLE example runs and displays “[62556] BLE connect” when pairing with my Pixel3 via bluetooth. The Blynk app however always shows that the “device hasn’t connected yet”. Is this just beta problems ? Are there other BLE boards that connect more reliably than the ESP32 ? Thanks.

So i got my hands on a Bluefruit_nRF52 and it’s doing the same thing. So I’m thinking maybe it’s just my phone or the Blynk app that is the problem. Will try on a different android device.

Are you connecting via the BLE widget in the Blynk app?


I just saw a post describing this and now it’s connecting. I wish there was better documentation to get this working. Thanks for the reply.