ESP12E goes offline and comes online randomly

Oops !! Here i cannot depend on internet , for some or the other problem the internet goes down and i will not be able to control the devices. So this is the reason i am depending on the local server.

And please tell me if there are more number of devices pushing lots of data will the server disconnects such devices ??

OK i will check if this resolves the problem.
And is there any suggestion that you can give me resolve the issue ?
Thank you in advance…:pray:

I guess that if you’re running badly written code on these devices and flooding the local server then it could be a problem, but it’s easy enough to power down a device and see what happens.


Is it !! Okay then i will power down the device and see whether this will recrify the problem. And i will update here in the community.
Thanks for the support.

@PeteKnight @Costas @Gunner
Server :: RPI Zero W (CPU usage is about 5% to 10% at max. Ram is 64Mb out of 117Mb)
Router :: Dlink
6 Nodemcu in TOTAL
3 nodemcu’s are running sync physical button sketch from Blynk example sketch.
2 nodemcu’s are running LED dimmer sketch as mentioned above.ESP12E goes offline and comes online randomly
1 nodemcu is running Timer sketch.(triggers a relay at set time).

Now to stimulate a power cut i turned of all the devices that is server and all the nodemcu including the router.
And when i turned back all of them together… none of them want to connect to the server. and even in the app i was not able to connect to the server(RPI zero w usually takes 50sec to 70sec to boot and additional 20 sec for the Blynk sever to come up.) even after waiting for several min… i was not able to connect to the server, but the router was online and i was connected to it via WIFI(sure). Later i turned off all the devices and 1st started the router and then the server and once i was sure the server is online only then i turned on the nodemcu, this way some of them connects for a sec or so and then again disconnects and again comes online.

But this process will not work when no one is around and the power goes and comes back. This way none of the devices will come online. It will be a complete waste this way.

Can you tell me what is the cause for this behavior ???
And in the app shows from when the devices were online in there it gives the wrong date and time ex. here the actual time is 3.40PM and it shows 12.25AM. BTW there is not internet connection for this server. Is this the reason ??

Please tell me how to tell the nodemcu’s to keep trying to connect until they find the way to the server and also mean while work the loop part so that at least till they come online we can use the physical button !!!