ESP programmer board on kickstarter

Found this today. has anyone found anything else like this? I need it now! I have an eBay programmer and its crap.

You can make this for a couple bucks yourself. This sounds like something you don’t really want or need if you ask me :slight_smile:

See this for example:

Yeah I’ve made them myself before. you still need an 3.3V FTDI cable or board and those run $17-25 US so why not have a nice all in one programmer. I decided to back it. I like the idea of all in one and not having to hack together a perf board to be a middle man.

I made one for four bucks… this still seems like a lot of money to me. Serial convertor is three buckd, still a lot cheaper, but to each his own of course :wink:

We pay 99 cents for our 3.3 / 5V adapters, including delivery, not $17 to $25

I’m with @Lichtsignaal VERY expensive especially as it’s for the ESP-01. At $25 per unit that is 25 X the price differential between the very limited functionality of an ESP-01 and a WeMos that doesn’t need any programmer.

I really can’t see why people even consider the ESP-01’s.

You can always get something from China for almost nothing. The old saying you get what you pay for. I’m an Electrical Engineer and have been for 20 years. I don’t buy cheap Chinese parts from eBay. The ESP is actually my only exception to that rule and to be honest I have had over a 50% failure rate of them out of the box anyways. There is a reason those parts are so cheap. They are either stolen, factory rejected parts, or counterfeit components. I’ve done business with chinesse manufacturing for over a decade and I know first hand what you get when you X-ray the internals of those “Cheap” eBay deals form China. Also you can’t expect any company to stay in business selling a niche product for $0.99. It’s why you don’t see Adafruit or Sparkfun selling USB->Serial adaptors for $0.99. Customers make buying designs for their own reasons. But like you said to each their own. Everyone has a price point and a quality vs quantity value. The hobby world of course has a higher tolerance to this then the professional industry. Just my $0.02.

The ESP-01’s were originally designed to be a TELNET device. RTS, CTS, RX, and TX. And they do that fairly well for their price and that is why the pinout is what it is. I have bought 300-500 ESP-01 modules in the last year with just about a 50% failure rate but your right at <$2.00 each esp-01 they are throw away devices.

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300-500? Really? :grinning: What are you building?

What sort of torture are you subjecting these to get a failure rate of 50%?!! While I’ve only bought about 30 units, my failure rate for little ESP has been 0%. Not a single bad unit. Of the roughly 50 Arduino Nano boards I’ve purchased from China, I’ve had only 1 go bad. Those 99 cent adapters that @Costas mentioned… 0 failures.

Unless my luck changes drastically, I’m a huge fan of “cheap eBay deals from China.”

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50% failure rate that is amazing and certainly not what anyone else experiences from what I read.

I only have a dozen ESP-01’s but the failure rate was 0% for me.

I’m working on building a disposable IOT sensor network for a white paper I’m composing. I have pictures under my microscope of bad solder joints of a lot of them. Whether it fails functionally or not it’s still a failure in my book as well as IPC’s book. Quality of manufacturing is just as much of a failure as functional failures.

On a side note I clicked on @Costas link and that $0.99 device was really $3.79 after shipping. 6-8 weeks later you get it from China as well. I really don’t want to turn this into an argument. I see the value of the chineese Ebay part. It’s just not for me.

Here in Europe the 99 cent devices are 99 cents including delivery and sometimes arrive in 2 to 3 weeks.

I do really like the idea especially if I was on the road/remote. I’ve been too lazy to make myself and my crumby board does the trick for now.

or the places selling them for $5+ are trying to make LARGE profit margins?

so you broke two hundred ESP-01’s?

what the hell man?

maybe you ain’t treating your stuff right???

A disposable IoT network? I do like the concept of that, what I don’t like is the disposable part. We already throw away way to many stuff in today’s world. I really hope you mean “recycle-able” IoT sensor network?

Yeah currently disposable is what it’s going for. I understand your recycle-able comment. And I’m all for recycling components when possible.

Last week on kickstarter. I think it could go either way.

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the ESP8266 Programmer on Kickstarter got funded! 15 minutes left for anyone interested in getting one.