ESP-12E I/O question


I understand that while uploading a program to the ESP-12e to use stand alone that I have to pull I/O 0 low while I press reset and also that some pins should be held high but once the program is loaded , and all I want to do is run it
How many I/Os can I use and which ones are theyfor example , someone told me I can use I/O 16 but only as an output
not an input .
So which ones can I use as inputs/outputs or both .
I am hoping I can use 8 as I have an 8 channel relay board that I want the ESP to control



I think your question is not related to Blynk. So I would recommend doing these things:

  • make sure you can flash Blynk to your hardware
  • find out how to enable many pins on ESP. There should be lots of info online
  • get back to Blynk and use Virtual Pins to control relays

Hi Pavel

Sorry for asking in the wrong forum. I have been playing with Blynk and an ESP board and just think
of them as my IOT kit, I forget they are 2 seperate systems and I would have been better
to ask on the ESP forum
I have been using Blynk with a small ESP-01 board and it works fine tuning on and off 2 relays

I had seen another post on this forum about the larger ESP-12 which I just ordered and thought maybe some one
on here might have been able to answer my question

But no worries , I will ask on the other forum

Love your Blynk app , its magic


It would be great if some Blynker could help you, anyways! Good luck

Just for info…
I am using an ESP 12E…
pins I can control are …
0,2,4,5,12,13,14,15 and 16! plus adc. (16 just digital output)

Not too bad for the 2 dollars they cost me!

Hi Roffey,
I have similar setup with lolin wemos board (£4 but with ready to plug USB interface, really cheap). The only problem I have is that I need to keep calling after every Blynk.[operation], so it does not keep disconnected. Do you have similar problem? I use about 7 virtual pins, 4 to report values back to the Apps.

As yet I have not had any disconnection issues.
I do use virtual pins with the calls in setup().
I just started with a basic example and expanded from there.
Although in the loop there exists the, as the example provided, so I assume that is the reason.
I am still awaiting the instructions for pasting code, so I’m afraid I have just pasted it.

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:;

Hi Pavel !

How I can send a notification (email or widget notify) from code on esp8266 to the web server ?
I try code “"”, “Title”, “Body”);" but it not work, becouse its code for widget.

дравствуйте Павел ! Каким образом я могу отправить уведомление (например емайл) из кода
для esp8266 на вебсервер, в данном случае облако ?

Смысл процедуры , в настройке уведомлений по достижению значению параметра ()
не хочется пересобирать ваше приложение для андроид, пусть лучше это будет в коде проекта для ESP8266

Заранее вам благодарен !

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