ESP 12 worked fine, now disconnects all the time. Server error?

Yes it does sometimes. You think it could be power source? Hmm. Why and how if i haven’t touched it. I’ll check it

It could be that the PSU was marginal anyway, and may have deteriorated due to component failure or tolerance changes caused by heat.
What reboot code does your ESP show in the serial monitor when it restarts?


Hmm now I remembered. I made a part of code reboot esp after 4 disconnects because when heartbeat timeout happens (3 conections) esp is not reconnecting automatically until rebooted. But for now only error i get is heartbeat timeout and then connecting to blynk cloud 80. Internet is working fine. Close to router. Don’t know…

You need to post your code.



I was at job when I posted first time. I edited the first post with code.

I do believe this is faulty device. There is a 700mA power suply with both 5V and 3.3V output. Only one relay is conected to ESP but relays are powered separately.

One thing that leaps out at me is this bunch of consecutive Blynk.virtualWrites:

Try splitting them into two functions and calling them at slightly different times.

Also, GPIO 16 probably isn’t the best pin to use for your relay, and GPIOs 24, 26 & 9 don’t exist on the ESP (I do realise that you’re not using these at the moment, but just saying).
Have you read this:


Thanks for a fast reply. Unfortunately I had only that one pin free for relay. That’s why I am planing to take nano with esp01 and recreate everything. Yes those pins are not in use bit they don’t make problem.

What I noticed is that when I reflash it it works stable for few hours.

I did multiple digital writes because syncAll didn’t do the job. I’ll just switch to nano. I have a gut feeling something is wrong with the node it self.

I’ll read about pins… And let you know the solution.

So what else do you have connected to your ESP that are taking-up the other pins?

sounds like a backward step to me!


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I am planning to get an esp32 to replace my nodemcu !

Meanwhile, some people enjoy a challenge and want to know why their steam powered difference engine isn’t on the Blynk supported hardware list…


Seriously though, there are cases where Arduino boards linked to ESP-01’s are a sensible choice of hardware, but I wouldn’t choose that setup for a home automation heating controller. A NodeMCU or two should do the trick.

I have a few ESP-32s kicking around, but haven’t got around to trying them in any real world projects yet. I like my Wemos D1 Minis too much :heart:



:rofl::rofl::rofl: :steam_locomotive:

D1 mini is really a good choice.
New nodemcu ESP32S provide 32 I/O and has a dual core.
This is why I’ll replace my 2 NodeMcu by one esp32.
I plan to get the plateforme développement one, so no need breadboard no more USB power supply.
All that for only 6$ :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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@Blynk_Coeur, do you have a link to this board?



Lcd screen 20x4, ds1820, relay.
As you can see in the code there was a IR receiver so I could set it up via remote. But that was impossible to integrate in this nodeMCU. Now there is not enought pins to plug it. Il check this D1 mini (but it looks like it have only 10IO) …I need somthing with lot of IO pins, wifi, stable and programable via arduino IDE.

I read that ESP32 is more complicated to flash and to setup arduino IDE?

I just read the list and it looks like there are only 5 stable available pins. Can’t work with that. I need at least 5 more. I am planing to add TFT screen that uses 8 pins. IR 1, DS 1. It would be great to have interrupt pin for IR remote. It would be awsome to add a button or to when all other fail.

That’s the worst combination I can think of. ESP-01’s are trash and you need all the extra components.

It is more complicated and even though I have half a dozen I do all my work with WeMos D1 mini’s.

At $3 a pop you can you buy a bag full of WeMos’ and bridge them together. I bought about half a dozen port expanders for my WeMos’. I think they were about a dollar a piece but I have never used them, just there in case I ever need them.

Everyone has a smartphone these days so I see physical LCD’s as a waste of effort. I have a couple but again I never use them.

WeMos rocks :slight_smile:

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If you build a project with an Arduino it’s not a true iOT project as it can’t be updated remotely like you can with a WeMos.

I get the need for a physical display on a heating system. I went for a Nextion display, which I find I use much more than the smartphone when I want to see what the temperature is, or make a change. I only really use the Blynk option for turning the heating/aircon on when I’m out and about and what to come home to a house that nice and warm/cool.

100% agree with the other comments, bridged D1 Minis or NodeMCUs are a much better option.


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@PeteKnight this is

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