Error: unfortunately, Blynk has stopped. I Can no longer log into account

After I installed Humidity Widgit, tied to no Virtual pin, after pressing PLAY button, blynk App crashed with error unfortunately, Blynk has stopped. I can no longer log into account, I get the turning balls and some times if I am fast enough can log back out, but can never get to where I can delete Humidity widget

In Android Settings If I go to Settings - More -Blynk and Clear Cache and Clear Data. I can always get back to a login / Create new account screen.

I have created 2 test accounts, and repeated adding the Humidity Widgit and got the same crash results.

Can my account be edited to remove the Humidity Widgit on the serrver side so I can gain access to my account?
My Account:

Windows 8.1
Android Samsung Galaxy G4
Arduino Nano, Hardware setup in App for the same.
The Error happens with or without hardware connected
USB direct connect, running blynk-ser.bat

Removed. Please check again. We will check what may cause it. Thank you for reporting.

I can now log into my account thanks for the fast service.

I have discovered a secondary problem, I believe is related to the Humidity Widget, or perhaps the Editing of the Account File, Feedback from Arduino Nano does not work, The Email, Notifications, and LED Widget on Virtual 2 not longer function. I removed and reinstalled these Widgets but it did not help. I can make a Real LED on the Nano turn on and off with a Button tied to Virtual V1.

I switched to a test account and every thing works,

If there is nothing obviously wrong that you can see, just delete the account. it only take seconds to set up for me now.
also can you delete it had the original Humidity problem.

I would like to recover my only two real world email address to use on actual working account.