"ERROR- No active dashboard" at the Log file

Hi friends!
I’ve got a “little” problem with my local server and I’m not able to “Log in” as I used to do.

The only I obtain is just “Sorry, Server can’t talk now. Try later” from the APP.

When I enter to the “Log” file for my user, the only thing I can see is just the below text:

Do you have any idea about what could be happening here??

As always… thanks in advance for your help!!

Hello, iOS? Did you update app recently?

Hi Dmitriy!!

I’m using an android device and I think I didn’t update the APP… the version I’m using right now is the “1.0 RC9” and the server is the “server-0.10.2.jar” with a Raspberry PI.

Maybe the app has been updated without my knowledge… :sweat:

How can I solve it?


Ok. So you was able to login to local server but now - no? What happen? Have you did something (logout, updated app, restarted server)? Anything? Please give more info.

Dear Dmitriy…
I’m really sorry, my Router was the problem, I’m using my public IP and I don’t know why the port wasn’t forwarded properly… What I don’t understand is the reason for this strange Log File with the port closed…It has no sense from my little knowledge… anyway now is working fine as always.

Thanks again for your great support!

A few days ago there was a storm, maybe the router has been restarted loosing the configuration…I always access using my public IP.
Really strange…

No problem. Glad it is working now =). The logs… they could be just old. For your previous logins.