Error Connecting to Blynk Server

I’ve been getting the following error over the last couple days. Anyone know what it means? I’ve reset the app and confirmed my internet is working fine.

Hello, what phone do you have? Do you use latest app? Please provide me with your login.

Hey I am now getting the same message. I am using a iphone 6, iOS 9.1. My project is running on a mega r3, arduino ether shield. Everything was fine until I stopped the project and built a couple of example projects email, led. After I got done with those example sketch, I tried to log my main sketch back on and keep getting the same message
Can’t connect to Blynk Server. I have not changed anything, tokens, hardware, sketch or blynk dashboard.


Hmmm, my main project “Jackpot” is running an alarm on my boat. I stopped that project from running. I played with example sketch on a second board using different tokens, etc. When I was done with the example sketch, I stopped them and went back to Jackpot to start it up. I got the error message Cant connect to Blynk Server. I went back to the blynk app and tried to run any of the sketch, the only one I could get to connect to blynk server was led example. I tried to delete project and there was no “delete” button in the project settings UNTIL i deleted the led widgets. Then I went back in to the settings and was able to delete the project. After deleting all projects except the Jackpot, I tried to connect again. Same error message. Logged out of Blynk, shut phone off and restarted phone. No change. I will go to boat and reset sketch there although this should not have any effect on the problem

I went to the boat and when I stepped on the boat, I received the proper message that motion had been detected. So obviously my project is still running, connected to the outside world and sending messages as it should.

I then re-set the sketch and got a push notification that my arduino was offline. Again, as expected. I logged out of the blynk app, shut phone down, restarted phone and logged back in to blynk app. Tried to start “Jackpot” dashboard got error message Cant connect to Blynk Server.

BTW, I have completely disconnected second arduino board from ethernet and usb so it is not running or connected. This second board is what I was using to run example code


Since I couldnt connect my Jackpot dashboard, I went back to playing with examples. I loaded up the arduino uptime sketch. I couldnt get that to connect at first either. Then I remembered that I had went in to settings on the iPhone and changed the Blynk notifications to “Alerts” for the alert style. So, I switched the “Show in Notification Center” button to off and I was able to connect the arduino uptime sketch to the server. Went back in to iPhone settings and switched the Show in Notification Center back on and it is still running and connecting. Jackpot however, still does not connect to Blynk server. Not sure if any of that helps you or not. Just trying to be accurate and current with what I see.


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@tfoxsf @mpo881 fixed. Please check it.

everything appears to be working. Both Jackpot and simple email sketch are logged in to blynk server and I am able to control both from the iPhone app.

Thanks! Go have a beer!


I’ll do. For sure :wink:

By the way guys. If stability is critical for your project please use Local Blynk Server. We going too fast trying to implement more features and such situations are possible in future, at least until we are fully free.

Up until today, I have had no issues. It has been very stable. The simple email example acts weird though. If I reset the sketch or open serial monitor, it sends a message without any button push. I even disconnected everything from the arduino to be sure. All I have is the mega and ether shield, blynk dashboard with email widget. Using example sketch, only mods are key and email address unique to me. Open serial monitor
[0] Blynk v0.3.1
[0] getting ip…
[6597] my ip
[6597] connecting to
[9293] ready (ping: 1226ms).

Then I get a message. crazy

uncommented #define BLYNK_DEBUG
commented // Attach pin 2 interrupt to our handler
// attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(2), emailOnButtonPress, CHANGE);
and // int isButtonPressed = !digitalRead(2); // Invert state, since button is “Active LOW”

 //if (isButtonPressed) // You can write any condition to trigger e-mail sending

same results. I am no programmer but by looking at the serial monitor it appears that it is sending the message as soon as it connects to and then just keeps sending the message.

msg 0,1,200
<msg 6,2,0
msg 0,2,200
<msg 6,3,0 and so on and so on

Im going for a beer myself. see you tomorrow

Wonderful. I confirmed it is working correctly! Thanks.