Error compiling ESP8266 direct connect sketch

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Loving the Blynk project :smiley:

I am trying to test out the direct connect option - but when I try to compile I get an error saying that the ESP8266WiFi.h is not found? - Where should it be located?

Thanks in advance!

Double check that you have selected the esp8266 as your board type.

I make that same mistake when working on a project way to late. I still had uno selected from a previous project. I was getting the same error.



Thanks! That solves that - although I’m rather confused. I want to connect to the esp8266 directly - access point mode I guess?.. But I still want to use a arduino. The direct connect sketch needs to be run on the esp8266 I guess?

How would I go about this?

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is this possible guys? Thanks :slight_smile:

Not it’s not currently possible (at least not easy)

OK thank you. What is the easiest method to set up something as a AP? Direct connect to the ESP8266 with no arduino I guess?

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