Error 410 WebHooks


The idea of the project is very simple, i have an arduino mega and esp8266 that will send with the webhooks the sensor’s state to a python API i made with flask and redis. The API work fine.

I have an issue with blynk 1.5 on arduino mega and an esp8266.

The esp is correctly logged to the wifi and to blynk cloud.
When i write on the virtual pin the button is correctly toggle on the blynk app. And the webhook is called.

I use my API this way :

PUT https://IP_OF_THE_API:8080/status/id 

body : 
    "uuid" : uuid,
    "status" : true

The webhooks throw an error 410, and i don’t understand why.

If someone could help me it would be great.

https is not mandatory for me, if there is a way to use http only in webhooks it will be fine.

Some note :
→ the certificate is not signed, so i have to disable ssl check to acces it on chrome or use it with postman.
→ When my api was in http only i could get some data on flask’s log file. When i added https, i couldn’t get any things on the api. (at the moment i only use https to meet https requierment of the webhooks)

Are you using Blynk Legacy, or Blynk IoT ?

Is this IP address local, or publicly visible on the internet?

For the Blynk server to call the API it needs to be able to resolve the url.



I use legacy blink.

The ip is the ip of a Azure VM. And this ip is public.


How have you configured the webhook widget in the app, and what code are you using to trigger it?



There no issue 100% pourcent on the webhook itself. I tried using my api in http (not https) i got the request (wich can’t be read because the request is in https).

The issue is that my certifcate is not a real one, and the ssl check failed. This is why.

I try to google it, but can’t find anything.

Is there a way to disable ssl check of a webhook or use http in the webhook ?

Thank you in advance.

Not as far as I’m aware.

If you were using something better than the Mega + ESP-01 (An ESP8266 or ESP32 for example) then you’d be able to make the API call from within your sketch, but I don’t know of any way to do that with your hardware.


up need help please

What does this mean?


Sorry, but you were not able to help us :frowning_face:

If you post your complete sketch and python API it might be easier to help you!?