Errant Terminal Clear on Activation

Server version:0.41.1-java8.jar

I currently run 2 raspberry Pi Private servers and a number of 8266 clients connected over WiFi. Both servers and all clients have identical software (auth codes and other ID data is configured at boot from a Spiffs configuration file on each unit. Generally I use one system and 8266 for development and then publish to all devices using OTA. everything works well (they are currently HVAC monitoring units.)

On my latest dev code everything works well with one problem. When the app on the Android is minimized and then restored, the terminal contents disappears (i.e. it is being cleared.) All widgets are being controlled by a master selector widget that routes data from the desired system to the complete UI. Of course I suspected that I had done something and looked everywhere for an errant terminal.clear(). None to be found. When I point the development ESP8266 to the production private server (by using the IDE data upload function to the target device), the terminal clear problem follows it into production.

I then proceeded to OTA all of the production units with identical dev code…and the other systems still do not show the terminal clear issue. I then assigned the Dev 8266 a new auth code…and the problem disappeared! Added a new code on the dev private server and the problem disappeared as well. Move the dev 8266 back to its original code and the problem reappeared…perfectly. not knowing exactly what is going on in the server it appears that when the app is maximized the Android repaints the screen and then the app clears and repaints the stored server contents. It is after that clear that i believe the problem occurs.

I haven’t sent the code because the code clearly doesn’t matter. I send this although I have already done a work around by generating another auth code and the problem is bypassed. I can, however, recreate it at will by using the “bad” auth code.

The only way I stumbled on a reproducible test is because I have identical code, multiple clients and multiple servers which allowed me to eliminate other possibilities quickly.

If anyone else sees this problem, you can try the same “solution.”

Haven’t updated the servers for a while (why tempt fate?) but if somebody thinks it will make a difference I could do it.


I guess this is the Data Synch issues between the 2 Local Servers.

You have to install SSH and RSYNC, then run the command similar to the following, automatically (every hr , 15min., etc) to rsync the Servers’ Data

rsync -azv -e ssh --delete /home/pi/Blynk-Server

Please do some research about SSH / rsync then know what I mean and how to do.

Nope. The servers are independent and no sync is necessary. They each have their own apps and auth codes. Since they were cloned from each other I can move a client from one to the other by just changing the Blynk server address in their config files and restarting.

That’s not it…