Energy question what happens if i move to a local server?

If i am working with blink cloud and buy some energy to finish my super cool project and then i want to move to a local server, do i lost my energy or i can still use it?

i think i read that the projects are totally different accounts or something like that.
Please let me know what will happen, and any workaround… i prefer now to focus on building my super cool project and then move to a private/local server.

i will love to use the app option but it is way too expensive, i am totally billing to support Blink buying energy and using my own server… (i am an Android developer and a react-native developer) make a custom app is not a problem for me, but i really love what you did so i am willing to support paying for energy. and is a hobbie to make my house smarter… not to sell it.


When you set up a local server you can give yourself as much free energy as you like.

The energy you’ve paid for on the cloud account will still be there, but if you don’t access the account for 6+ months then it you’ll be deactivated and your energy will be lost.


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