Energy purchased on iOS device but Blynk hangs attempting to add

Attempting to purchase more energy on iOS device. Pay through Apple App store and payment goes through but then Message displayed: This in -App Purchase has already been bought. It will be restored for free: OK? But upon OK, get the 3 rotating dots on Energy Store screen and nothing happens. I can still purchase x1000 but not x5000 or x13,000 get the same message.

@Eugene please advise.

@DenverRick Could you please do the following:

  1. Close Blynk app from running
  2. Go to system Settings app and in Blynk section enable logging
  3. Launch Blynk app and try to purchase desired item
  4. On failure, send us logs from the About screen in Blynk app

SOLVED. Turned on logging in settings.

You may want to turn logging off, since it may impact app performance.