Energy not enter my application

I managed to make a payment on the PlayStore and I got a notification that the payment was successfull but on my Android Blynk application there was no energy added, I bought 1000 energy and it hasn’t entered yet. how this happened, help me, DM

You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the App, even just logging out and back in. Based on other similar topics, it will eventually show up in the App.

I have uninstalled the application but the battery energy has not entered the newly installed application

Send a PM to @Dmitriy (<-- click on this and chose Message) with your account login email (in case it is different then posted) and details of your energy purchase.

sorry I sent a message to dimitry, but I haven’t received a message, how about this?

@Dmitriy is currently busy, but he will respond to your PM. Can you install Android Beta build and send logs from it - it can help to fix such issues in future? To install it - you need to open Blynk app’s page in Google Play and scroll it till the ‘Join the beta’ block.

Sorry i don’t mean what you say