Energy balance

Once I purchase an energy balance, would it be only for 1 project or all? Thank you.

It is like purchasing more LEGO… it is a recyclable widget supply for any project in your account… the more you have, the more widgets you can use at a time without needing to “recycle” them.

Note there are a few options that are NOT recyclable like Sharing Projects or Home Screen Widgets, etc.

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hi Gunner,

I am a little confused: if I want to write apps just for my personal use, is it Blynk a good choice or it is intended mainly for professional use?
in other words, is it worth to spend time learning or I will find out that if I want to do a project I’ll have to pay at least a couple of hundred Euros a month?

I hope I was clear enough.



Blynk is great for personal use and less than 100 euros lasts most people a lifetime.

the balance is available for all your projects

It is great for personal use, and extremely affordable. Some never need more than the included energy (it is mostly recyclable) and heavier users make many things so they add even more recyclable energy, as needed, as they increase their “keeper” projects. There is even a Local Server option for the total packrat types that never want to get rid of any test projects :blush: :innocent:

And as for Professional/Commercial applications that make you money, they have that covered as well. Yes, with subscription charges of course, but then that is the cost of business. -