Email widget not working

Same block in the code, notification is working fine, but email is not working anymore.
I’m also using LCD widget.

More information needed.


Blynk.notify("{DEVICE_NAME} is very sick!!!");"", "Emergency Alert", "Patient is very sick!");

is there any problem here? it is on the same condition block like this, but mail is not sending to my mail address, but notification is working very fine. I’ve also added email widget in my app

again, after couple of time I’ve flashed the board with the same code it is not sending my specified email in the code, rather when it send, it is sending to the mail that is automatically assigned to the mail widget setting (my account mail)

Local server or cloud server. If local server what version?
Android or iOS app, what version?


Android Oreo 8.1.0
Blynk latest version

You mean the latest version from playstore, as opposed to the latest beta version?

When you begin a new thread you’re presented with some text that prompts you for all of this information, but you’ve just deleted that and posted a very vague request for help. Three responses in, and the people with the knowledge and expertise to answer your question still don’t have the information required for them to help you with your issue, because you’re drip-feeding the data that is needed.

These are busy people who don’t have time to waste on extracting all of the data from you that is needed to fully understand the issue and investigate it.

Do yourself a favour and make it easy for the experts to provide the help and assistance that you need.


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