Email / notification time limit

Why is there a 15s limit on sending email and notification? Can it be fixed when using a local server?

Have found missing emails and notification when different events trigger sending messages. Have tried to code around this limitation but when multiple events trigger together its getting difficult.

Again, any work around ideas?

Because the Cloud Server is free and might otherwise overload with heavy handed emails :wink:

And yes Local Server is under your own control for that… but Gmail might still squack if you exceed their limitations.

  • This setting defines how often you can send mail/tweet/push or any other notification. Specified in seconds


  • Maximum allowed number of notification queue. Queue responsible for processing email, pushes, twits sending. Because of performance issue - those queue is processed in separate thread, this is required due to blocking nature of all above operations. Usually limit shouldn’t be reached


  • Number of threads for performing blocking operations - push, twits, emails, db queries. Recommended to hold this value low unless you have to perform a lot of blocking operations.



Use Timers, Flag checks and if then logic

Because mail delivery is paid service.

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