Edit mode lock

Blynk legacy app ( version : 2.27.31 ) Android
Using Local Blynk Server

I need just after pass correct a Pin code use be able witch to Edit mode, Is it possible ? How?



Thanks Pete!
Is this feature in wish list or road map of the App ?

I can’t see them adding new features to an application they are retiring but I could be wrong.

There is no road map for the legacy app, it’s retired and will probably disappear from the app/play stores at some point in the not too distant future.

In the Blynk 2.0 app you can control user permissions, if you have the appropriate subscription.


Blynk lovers how interest to use Blynk local server, Must wait for version 2 of Blynk local server ?

Blynk have said that if local server is released for V2.0 then it will be done differently.
I guess it will require a subscription, to ensure that the local server isn’t abused for commercial purposes.

It seems unlikely that this will happen any time soon.