Edidting of widget Labeled value

Hi, Blynkers.
I updated Android Blynk to the version 2.8.2. Now I cannot editing the properties of widget Labeled value.
When I click on this widget appears window with message :

Such behaviour i see on smarphone and on Droid4X.
What it can be?

@BlynkAndroidDev take a look

Thank You. I looked this.
I deleted Android Blynk from Droid4X and installed again v2.8.2 and nothing changed.

Eugeny, what You can tell me about this problem?
Is this a bug in v2.8.2?

There is certainly an issue, the app should not crash.
Please wait for Alex, he will check crash reports and respond to you.

Thank You, I will wait.

Yep, we had fixed this issue and a new build will be released very soon.

Hi. When can be wait new release of Android Blynk?
Thank You.

I guess it would be released till the end of this week.


New release build with fixes was uploaded to Google Play, so it should be available in some hours or less

Thank You, Alexander. Now is permited the editing of widget Labeled value