Edgent reconnection after resetting the device with a physical button

I’m using a Adafruit Feather Huzzah ESP8266. The WiFi provisioning works great.
I want to connect it to a new network as per point 10 in the WiFi provisioning doc:

  1. If you later need to connect to this device to a different network, WiFi credentials can be changed by using Blynk app, by resetting the device with a physical button (you would need to plan it into your electrical circuit design)

I have a Neopixel connected as an indicator and that works great too.
While pressing the button I added I can see the pulses changing colour and after about 5 seconds to rapid blinking, continue holding for 5 seconds and i get a reset:

11:33:39.604 → [226740] Hold the button for 10 seconds to reset configuration…
11:33:59.826 → [246960] RUNNING => RESET_CONFIG
11:33:59.826 → [246961] Resetting configuration!
11:33:59.873 → [246998] Configuration stored to flash
11:33:59.873 → [246999] RESET_CONFIG => WAIT_CONFIG
11:34:00.521 → [247615] AP SSID: Blynk RemoteMoistLeds-D8A46
11:34:00.521 → [247615] AP IP:
11:34:00.521 → [247615] AP URL: blynk.setup

All good. The device goes off line. Now how do I reconnect with the app?
I’m using the latest Blynk app on Android. (New, 2.0)

If you view the available WiFi connections on your phone you should see one that has this SSID…

When you connect to it then you may be automatically re.directed to the setup portal, or you may need to open a browser and go to….


to be able to enter the new connection credentials.


Thanks Pete,
It didn’t reconnect automatically however selecting Manage router brought up the page and is requesting the Auth token.
Going to a new tab in mobile browser I get a "refused to connect " error.

WIFI Provisioning doc says “WiFi credentials can be changed by using Blynk app”. I forgot to mention that I am using the free plan for evaluating the platform.

Does the paid pro version allow reconnection through the Blynk app?

I ask specifically thinking about how to explain this to clients that have purchased my devices. I imaging they wont have access to the Auth token.