EDGENT_ESP8266 sample code in Arduino IDE has problems

I am having problems with Sample code of Blynk EdgentESP8266
I use the Blynk IoT application to connect WiFi network to ESP and everything works well (ESP connected to Blynk Cloud). But then 1-2 minutes, ESP lost the connection.
I observed on the serial screen, it seems that the program itself resets returns to the original configuration although there is no impact from the physical push button.

Anyone has encountered the same problem please share! Thanks

You haven’t un-commented a board type in your sketch, and the “Hold the button for 10 seconds…” message tells me that you are using the button pin for the default board configuration for something else in your sketch.

You should read this:

especially the " Defining your physical switch and LED" section.


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Thanks Pete. problem solved
I found another problem is when I reconfigure esp and reconnect to wifi network I have to add new device and remove previous device
Is there any other way than above solution?

Have you manually edited the device name in the app?


not yet, I’m leaving the default name as App41F5D

In that case, you should explain the steps you are following, and the results you are seeing, in detail, with screenshots were needed.


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OK Thanks, problem solved when I found out where Reconfigure