Echo Virtual Pin usage

I’m making some test with Amazon Echo. I’m using IFTTT to easily connect the Blynk with Echo.

I connected a switch using 0 / 1 and is working correctly. I can swich on / off a device.

Now I wolud like “trigger” a MENU where I got differente options. Every option move the RGB light to a different color:

1 White
2 Orange
3 Green
4 Red

How can send correctly the 1,2,3 by IFFT? is somethink I can do?

I used this setting:

CONNECT TYPE: application/json

BODY… I tried [“2”] but not worked. What is the correct sintax?

You don’t need PUT with Blynk, use GET as per

Hi Costas,
thank you!

What about the body part?

Is it right write [“2”] in order to select the item #2 in a menu or there is a different sintax?
Thank you

You don’t need a body. Send the menu item number in the virtualWrite().

Or in the API call.

Thank you Costas,
I used the API GET mode and works perfectly. In my case the url is:; where 2 is the option to move on white color.