E-mail selection for events

I have an organization with 3 e-mails and 3 devices:

  • Admin (myself)
  • Staff (my customer)
  • User (customer of my customer)

The hardware is coded to trigger an event, all is working fine as expected.

The events of all 3 devices must be sent only to my customer.

But I can’t make it in this way, due to the fact that 1 device is owned by the user e-mail (needed due to access limitation to one particular device).

The point here is, why we are not allowed to select any e-mail inside one organization to the events to be sent to? Today we are forced to send notifications only to Device Owner…

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Thanks @John93.

It took a while until I learn that we are only able to select the e-mails following this procedure inside the particular organization. If we try to select them in the main organization, only the admin e-mail will be available (which makes sense, if we consider the organization structure approach).

Maybe this detail could be mentioned in the documentation (helpful for begineers)

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