Duplicated Template not showing up in Blynk App

I have an issiue with a duplicated template “Energy Meter”. the new template does not show up on the mobile app.
I have tested create new template , also duplicated template an simple template this was working ok.
I was cleaning up some ghost template from the past on the mobile, and some how it happed I also deleted the “Energy Meter” template on the mobile.
This “Energy Meter” template did not disappear from the Console , lucky me.

Also I have one ghost template on the mobile with no name, but I can delete it, the error say I should contact administrator

Any Idea what I can try
It is the on Android and IPhone



Can you send logs via About → Send Logs → Gmail from Android and iOS apps and your email/server pair with logs?

I have sent the Logs from Android , I have no acces to an IPhone right now


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We received logs. No need for iPhone logs, as it is seems we have enough data to understand these issues.

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The issue with a non-removable template on mobile will be fixed with the next Blynk Console update. On the not visible on mobile template - this issue requires further investigation; I will update this thread when there will be news on it.

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Does the issue with the duplicated template also wait on Console update or are this anothere tropic

I suppose it is the same issue of a not visible template - isn’t it?

No I think this are anothere isiue, if I make a copy of “Energy Meter” template in the console it does not show up on the Phone, I have to copys now “Energy MeterCopy” and Energy.
If I make a copy of “Greenhouse” it is working, so it has someting to due with that Energy template I guess.