Dumping iOS

@Gunner is your issue with moving the slider to 0 in the case of max values fixed? I guess I’ve fixed it, and probably it is not relevant here, as it was reproducible only in the vertical slider.

@newdos are you sure you have no issues with touch on your display? in any case, I could send you a logging build to verify what causes such slider behavior - just add what device you are using

All is good on my stuff :slight_smile:

Hi @BlynkAndroidDev

'm not aware of any issues on the display but it’s a fair point. But would that explain it jumping to zero after being moved by the IOS slider controlling it ie I never even touched the screen on the android ?



We don’t support master to master synchronization - it is working, but it could have some issues, like this one. In any case you could check the logging build and sent me the log (open about screen and press ‘send log’ button), so I could see why it is switching to zero.

It’s switching to zero because he is sending floats to the slider.

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Yep, it’s possible, we had fixed such issue for the level widget, but seems forgot about the slider.