Drift Trike Remote Kill Switch

I just bought myself a 6hp drift trike and since we have heaps of kids in our street who will beg me to let them drive, I figured I need to make some sort of remote control kill switch.

I plan to use a relay to make or break the wires leading to the existing kill siwtch.
Wire that up an ESP8266, blast my 150m outdoor wifi extender out the window and let the kids play on it.

Thats the ‘safety’ stuff done… now the fun stuff.

I have also just bought an accelerometer sensor which would be cool to wire in and maybe log the data live to a graph widget and display it on a cheapo android tablet mounted on the handle bars.
I also plan to hook up some ws2811 smart led’s on to it… but thats kinda all I have.

Anyone have an idea on how I can generate 5v-12v power from the engine? Its a basic honda style chinese clone… are there any hardcore hall sensor generators out there? otherwise I might need to grab myself a 12v motorcycle battery and just charge it when i need it for the lights.

Anyone got some cool ideas I could do with it?


Use dynamo to generate power .

I was just looking at motorcycle alternators… looks like it might be the best option to charge a small 12v battery.