Drag/Drop between tabs causes disappearing widgets

If you drag a widget up to the tab strip, and drop it on a different tab than it originated on it causes widgets to disappear. I did not try to the same tab, as I was moving widgets from tab to tab to create space for a new tab. Sometimes they are on the destination tab, sometimes the origination tab. They are still there, just not visible. If you know they are there you can restore them by long press on the invisible widget. Not sure if there is a pattern to which widget disappears. Android Blynk version v2.14.1

While I can’t recall that exact issue, I have noted subtle differences in general appearance and sometimes function of Blynk, depending on which of my many Android devices I use.

What is the make/model of phone and Android version you are experiencing the disappearing act on?

Also, are you using Cloud or Local Server?

Thanks, seems we had fixed this issue. Could you check it in this build - it also has log send option in case of any issues: