Download Blynk(Android)

hello there blynkers,I live in mainland china where Google doesn’t exist… there is no way I can download the blynk app from the play store… can anyone provide a link for a direct apk download?

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This is possible.

How will you deal with in-app purchases when we will introduce Widget Store? What is the usual workflow for it in China?

I actually use IOS… But for android users, there are a lot of app stores, e.g Baidu appstore, which deal with the payments themselves. Payments are usually made via Alipay and Tenpay…
As long as we are on the topic, If you guys need help with chinese platforms, maybe I can help :wink: I am fluent in chinese

That would be awesome. We would like to translate app description to Chinese. And then find a distribution platform. Let’s talk about it. Send me a PM please.

BTW, when can we expect an update for blynk on Android? Just can’t wait for the new feature as well as some bug fixing.

@juncaofish Which bugs, could you please specify?

Notification and Graph widget seem never to work for me. The mail , terminal and others work perfectly. Have tried with all possible solutions.

Please post to bugs and crashes category and describe what is happening. It seems to work for everyone.