Doubts about blynk local server

If I deploy my own blynk server on raspberry pi. Do I always have to be on the same network to control my devices?
Or can I just use mobile data on my phone and connect to the internet and control my devices? Like I normally do for the blynk cloud server.

Blynk server is just a SERVER! You can restrict it’s use to your local network, OR spread access to it to a whole world… If you wish…


You can use the local server in the same way as you use the cloud server, but you’ll either need a static IP address from your ISP, or use a DDNS service like NoIP. This allows your mobile devices to resolve the current (usually dynamically changing) IP address of your router.
You’ll also need to open the appropriate ports on your router to send the Blynk traffic to your local server machine.



Oh, right… the config is on YOUR SIDE… And while Blynk server seems to be secure enough (I could see attempts to connect to it but still all my data are there), it is all on your hands… There will be MANY attempts made be MANY (home-grown?) hackers to break into your server… The present world, as it is… :frowning:

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If you find a guide somewhere on how to do it. Please share it with me.

  • The static IP is a “feature” of your internet connection. You either have it, or not (like me)
  • the DDNS needs a client. It can be integrated within your router or set-up independently.
  • the port forwarding is configured in your router- please check manual.
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Guide for Local Server…

Guide for Static IP…

Guide for DDNS


You call your ISP and say “Hi, I’d like to add an static IP address to my monthly package”.
They say “Sure, it’ll cost $$$$$$”.
You say “Hmmmm, I think I’ll use a free DDNS service instead”.

You then go to and set-up a free DDNS account and live happily ever after.



I know how to apply for a static IP with my ISP. I have done it before. I just wanted to know if there’s a guide on how to do it for blynk server just for reference.

To be honest I didn’t know about this. Thank you for the info.

It has no bearing on Blynk’s server (aside from the IP used to connect to it)… the server wouldn’t even know the difference… thus no guide.

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