Doubt regarding video streaming

Can anyone solve this issue
Can anyone from community tell how to convert old android phone into ip camera and stream on blynk
I take tried all apps in forum
They are quite slow
Regarding broadcasting i wont prefer that as my privacy is equally important
Any one with any solution ??
What cheap ip camera are available which supports video streaming???

What I can say, is that those based on HiSilicon HI3518 MAY not work. I’ve got 3 of them, and none of them works with Blynk. What works is a GrandStream video server, but it’s not an answer, I think :wink:

Thanks for your valuable response @marvin7

None as they don’t have the required codecs.

As explained elsewhere most Android cameras can run through an RTSP Android server for use with Blynk.

Not quite sure what your privacy statement means. Privacy is important or not?

@scientist1995 , I’ve found once a web page from Chinese manufacturer of IP cameras. They provided (it was 2014, as I remember) a lot of test streams for their cameras. Every stream had a description, from what camera it was. You can try to find it yourself. If I remind it myself (had it somewhere bookmarked, I think), will post it. There were streams from few different chips, among others there was very popular DM3… from TexasInstruments. Worth trying - these are also cheap and good quality.

@marvin7 this or this ?

@Costas, no. Those are I-Spy (well known and quite good piece of software ). But if it is something similar (I mean streams have source description) then why not? Gonna check it tomorrow.