Does Reports widget only work with virtualWrite?

So my question is, does the reports widget only generate reports for datastreams that are incoming using virtualWrite?

I’m noticing that even though I select 20 or so datastreams in the report widget, only 5 come across in the CSV file. Looking into it further, I realized that these 5 datastreams are the only ones using virtualWrite.

To explain further, I have a simple project that controls the temperature of a smoker. The smoker board interfaces using an ESP-01S to the app. The board sends the current temperatures and also controls a valve. SO here is where I see the problem, the valve adjustment is assigned to a virtual pin using plus minus keys. When I adjust the position of the valve, the step is sent to the board, the valves moves and that’s it. I have a superchart installed as well that graphs the valve position and the current temperatures. So basically I want to be able to graph the valve position wrt to the temperature. All the temperatures are generated in the report CSV but the valve position is not in the report even though the reports widget shows it as a selection.

So am I correct in assuming the reports widget will only generate data that comes into the server with a virtualWrite or is this perhaps a bug?

Does this mean that you’re sending “-“ and “+” symbols?


No, I’m sending actual integer step counts (0 - 5000).