Does Device Selector Widget fires event to the selected device

I’m experimenting with Device Selector Widget which is very useful.
I use two nodemcu devices, each one transmitting four temperatures to the application.
Both devices use the same virtual pins, say V1,V2,V3,V4, so, when i switch from device 1 to 2, switching of values is automatic to the widgets.
It happens that V1 of device1 has a different label of that of V1 of device2, so, i need to switch to the new label each time i select a different device with the Selector.
I was wondering if there is some kind of event emitted to the selected device from the Device Selector Widget (something like BLYNK_WRITE, BLYNK_CONNECTED and so on) to trigger the update of Properties

Hello. This is not planned and not there at the moment. However, you may achieve something similar with Device Tiles widget. Have you looked into it?

I’ll dig into!