Does Blynk support iOS BLE communication to a LightBlue Bean yet?

I just purchased a LightBlue Bean and it works great! I’m using the Bean Loader app on my iPhone 6s. It sends sketches to the Bean via BLE.

However, I’d like to use Blynk to create my mobile app. I haven’t found anything else that enables me to create custom screens like Blynk does.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello. We do not support Light Blue Bean on iOS yet.

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Are any BLE devices supported on the iPhone?

When do you think BLE will be supported on iOS? And with RTC? Blynk is very cool!

@Haein_Cho in general we have it working. But as I remember we had an issue with Lightblue firmware that is not yet fixed. @vshymanskyy am I right?

I’m really expecting BLE to be worked on iOS. I’m developing a testing app to control my toy. I’ve completed on Android. If iOS is ready, I’ll publish the app right away. Would you let me know expected time to set BLE? Thanks a lot! :smiley:

@Haein_Cho Did you use the LightBlue Bean with your Android testing app? I have recently worked with it on Android and Blynk, but found some stability issues when trying to control anything with PWM. So I was just curious if you or anyone else has had any better experiance with it.

PS I read your article in Maker Spotlight. It is good to see young women in the technical field :smile:

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I’m using this to control color and set alarm. um… It’s unstable little bit when I change color of neopixel. But usually it’s fine. I’m constantly testing. If I find some better result, I’ll let you know on this topic. I’m so glad to meet you too Gunner :smiley: If you have any plan to visit Maker Faire, see you then!

@Haein_Cho If you ever make up to the closest Maker Faire to me, in frozen North, Vancouver… then you never know, although even that is a trek for me.

As I have no IOS devices, my LLBean sat in it’s box for over a year until Blynk, now I am looking forward to them re-releasing it in the app hardware options.

@Gunner @Haein_Cho

Is LLB board available in your Android apps for picking as hardware?

Not since it was removed a few versions ago. I am currently running 2.12.4

(PS those error messages in yellow disappear way too quickly to always notice and read)

Hm, I guess that in your case it was available due to the use of log builds) Does it stable? I remember that in our test we had a lot of problems with LBB+, but LBB was more or less ok.

I only have the original LBB.

I needed to update to latest App version due other issues, so no longer have LBB it in device options. But, while I was able to use it, the only issues I had noted at the time was when using any PWM control (Servo library control or direct PWM control with widget, etc) as that caused LBB lockup, requiring either hardware reboot and/or sometimes just app exit and restart.

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@vshymanskyy maybe we could enable LBB board support for Android, what do you think?