Does Blynk support dynamic sensor assignment?

In my case the history of objects should be shown based on a combination of sensor data and sensor-object assignment data. E.g. to show a car’s location history using the drivers’ phone’s location data and the registry of car-key usage (who used the car when). In technical terms the question is, if it is possible:

  • to enter object-sensor assignment manually to the system (e.g. into a separate database table), and
  • to use a joined query (database view) as the basis of the visualization.
    I kindly ask someone with experience to answer this question before I start digging myself into the detailed abilities of the framework.
    Thanks in advance

I assume that you are using the new (IoT) version of Blynk?

If that’s the case then you aren’t able to connect to the cloud database to query the data in the way you describe. This may be something that’s possible with a White Label subscription, but you’d need to discuss that with Blynk via

As far as dynamically assigning custom parameter to a device then yes, there are multiple ways to approach this. However, you’d need to provide more information regarding exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve, the type of devices in use, the connection method and the quantity of devices you are talking about.

Once again, this is something that you’d be better discussing via