Does ATMEGA 1284 chip works with blynk app?

Hello blynk Community i Have a question, i have a project that use ATMEGA 1284 chip using the arduino uno board, is it possible using it with the app? or is it compatibe with blynk app? thanks for your answers advance, please reply asap this is the kind of board that ive been using

As long as it is compatible with the majority of the AVR libraries, and coding is the same as the UNO/MEGA (and it appears that it mostly is) then it should work fine.

However, you will need to use only virtual pins and code… no direct pin control from the App, as the board settings in the ap will not have the correct Digital and Analog pin layouts.

And because you would be only using virtual pins, it will not matter what device choice you chose in the App… just stick with the UNO and start testing it out.

Thanks, ill just stick to arduino uno anyway.