Is the only source for documentation?

It seems to lack the details required to make a robust project. I find myself performing extensive searches on the internet to find the details needed for anything but simple toy programs. I would think you need better documentation, or the service will be surpassed by better and more open alternatives.

Your post suggests you know nothing about Blynk. Am I right?


Where can I find the individual properties which can be set for each widget?
What time base is the timeout value in Blynk.Connect(timeout)?
What frequency does need to be called at?
Where is param defined, and what does param.getBuffer() return?
Where is Blynk.config() documentation?
If my device loses connection, what is the method I should use to reconnect?

Have you tried any example sketches?

Have you actually built a project with widgets?

Load the Getting Started example and it will answer all your questions.

Just use our examples to build your prototype.
Also, if you want to build a product, you can subscribe for our support, and open more possibilities.

It is already in docs.

It depends on hardware and connection type. Usually it is 30 sec I believe.

There are no specific requirements. More frequent - better.

Buffer that app sent you.

This and above questions are covered in docs. Again.

Blynk reconnects automatically. However if you are using custom connection you may override this.